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This is our Terms & Conditions page. Here's where you'll find our policies around special offers and services we offer.

Appliance Moving Disclaimer

Each requested installation includes the movement of a “set” of appliances.


OneSource Flooring and Interiors cannot be responsible for scratches, dents, or working condition(s) of appliances before or after moving. Any client or property requesting that we move appliances is assuming any and all liability for damages. 

A “set” is defined as 

  1. one (1) Refrigerator/Freezer

  2. one (1) stove

  3. one (1) set of side-by-side washer and dryer 


Stacked/stackable washers and dryers are not included and due to their cumbersome nature, we ask that properties take responsibility for removing these units before our installers arrive.


Electrical or Water Connection & Disconnection

We cannot disconnect or disassemble any appliances connected to or requiring a connection to water, electrical, or gas lines. This includes toilets. Water and drain connections are the responsibility of the property. OneSource Flooring and Interiors Installers are not licensed plumbers and will not act or advise as such. Any and all appliances, including those in the defined "set" above, must be fully disconnected before our installers can move them. 


Unsafe/Unique Moving Circumstances 

OneSource Flooring and Interiors will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, overcrowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and damage caused by weather. OneSource Flooring and Interiors is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to items or surroundings, as a result of a specific tenant or property request(s). You will be asked to sign a waiver if we agree to attempt a move that we deem unsafe or unreasonable

Subfloor Repair Disclaimer

Subfloor repairs can be complicated and may require multiple site walks and approvals before they can be completed in their entirety. This is to ensure that the property is fully aware of any and all incurred costs and that all services and required materials have been fully approved before they are deployed.

Subfloor Repairs take 3-5 days to complete.

Day 1

  • Demo of Unit to Reveal Subfloor

  • Field Technician Site Walk (PHOTO DOCUMENTATION)

  • Delivery of Estimate for Property Approval

    • Please note: if approval is received before 3 PM on Day 1, Subfloor will start on Day 2.

Day 2

  • Receive Estimate Approval from Property

    • Please note: if approval is not received by 9 AM on Day 2, Subfloor may not start until Day 3 due to time constraints. We will do our best to begin same day but it cannot be guaranteed.

  • Installers complete Subfloor Repair (Primer, SLF, Self-Level, etc.)

  • Subfloor must cure. Cure time will vary based on how thickly material had to be laid and in what combination:


      • 24hrs (1/8")

      • 36hrs (1/4")

      • 72+hrs (1")

Day 3

  • Test Subfloor to ensure it is fully cured and no grinding is needed

  • If yes, proceed with install,

  • if yes but grinding is needed, notify property and await approval. Installation will proceed which approval has been received.

  • if no, notify property and reschedule check for next day

Day 4 - 5 (If Needed)

  • Additional cure time

  • Completion of installation (PHOTO DOCUMENTATION)

  • Final walk by Field Technician (PHOTO DOCUMENTATION)

Pre-Lien or Preliminary 20-Day Notice FAQs

  1. What is a 'pre-lien'?

    1. A Pre-Lien is a notice that informs all interested parties that a claimant is providing labor and/or materials and will have rights to a construction lien, stop notice, and bond claim if the claimant is not paid for his/her work. The Pre-Lien is a prerequisite for filing a construction lien, serving a stop notice, or making a claim against a bond to obtain payment.

    2. In Arizona, the Pre-Lien is called a “Preliminary 20-day Notice.” 

  2. Why do you file pre-liens?

    1. We've seen unprecedented change and turnover in the multifamily industry over the last few years and our services are more in demand than ever before. Like many industries, we saw both growth and AR increase exponentially in the same time period. Filing pre-liens allows us the peace of mind needed to quickly and efficiently extend credit to accounts, helps us identify accounts in danger of falling behind so we can work out a plan with them before the situation becomes urgent, and gives us an objective process to follow in the event that we have to move forward with escalating to a construction lien. 

  3. I received a 'Preliminary 20-Day Notice'. Does that mean you've filed a lien?

    1. A pre-lien or preliminary 20-day notice is NOT a lien. It simply gives us the right to file an actual lien as a last resort in the event that outstanding invoices are not reconciled. 

  4. Is this a lien against my property or property management company? 

    1. No. First, this is *not* a lien. It's only a pre-lien. Second, pre-liens are filed against property ownership, never against the property management company or individuals working onsite. 

  5. How do I get the pre-lien removed?

    1. There is no need to cancel or remove a pre-lien. It is only a placeholder to allow us to escalate if needed. Once the matter has been settled, the pre-lien is no longer valid and you can go about business as usual. Remember: pre-liens and preliminary notices are filed against the property/ownership, never against the property management company or individuals working onsite. 

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